A brief history of world television

Thiết bị dựng phim digital tại Đài TH NHK Nhật Bản - ảnh Tấn Đức

(E-info) – For a long time, television viewers in Vietnam have been familiar with the terms “television”, color television, analog television, … to help readers understand more about the history of the world television industry. The E-INFO editorial board invites you to refer to and interact with the following article by Tấn Đức, E-INFO reporter. […]

The first television broadcast in Vietnam

(E-info) – The first broadcast of the Saigon television station took place on December 7, 1966. For the first time, the people of Saigon could watch black-and-white television directly broadcasted by the Saigon television station at 7 PM, transmitted via helicopter. The broadcast station had a power of 225kw, with an effective radius of 75-90 […]

Want a ‘genuine’ mental illness diagnosis? Spend 8 million VND?

Einfo – During the days of investigating the network of mental illness medical record trading in Hai Duong, Tiền Phong reporters were informed by the families of “patients” that they had to pay 6-8 million VND to get false medical records made by doctors. In many communes of Hai Duong, the number of people with […]

Thick fog for tens of kilometers on National Route 1A

Einfo – Thick fog appeared on National Route 1A (in Ha Tinh area) stretching for tens of kilometers, causing difficulties for moving vehicles. Around 8:30 PM on July 16, vehicles traveling from South to North on National Route 1A, upon reaching the areas of Ky Giang and Ky Tien (Ky Anh), encountered thick fog, completely […]


Einfo – Binh Thuan Radio and Television Station is a media agency under the People’s Committee of Binh Thuan Province. The station was established on March 15, 1977, with the mission of producing radio broadcasting programs and television programs, serving as an organ for the propagation of the Party and State’s policies and guidelines, and […]